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About Us | Des Moines, IA

Auction Outlet of Iowa - A Small Company with Large Capabilities.
Buy or sell with convenience with the Auction Outlet. One of the most versatile auction companies in Des Moines with a permanent location to sell at our facility or we also sell at customers' locations.
Established 1982 by Jerry Hoffman and Carl Crees.
Weekly auctions on Wednesdays starting at 6:00 PM.
We host between 80 - 100 auctions per year.
Selling estates, moving, business, insurance and City of Des Moines Items sold for major corporations and insurance companies here in Des Moines. We have a three year contract with the City of Des Moines to sell police abandoned and confiscated merchandise. We also sell water-damaged, smoke damaged, and theft recovered claim merchandise for many of the major and independent insurance companies nationwide.
Jerry Hoffman - Furniture auctions in Des Moines, IA
Jerry Hoffman. All sellers can be assured of Jerry's personal attention to and involvement with their sales.
Carl Crees - Furniture auctions in Des Moines, IA
Carl Crees. With years of experience, Carl will ensure that all aspects of your sale go smoothly.
We sell anything from antique furniture to business furniture and equipment. We also handle modern furniture along with typical household items, tools, lawn equipment as well as firearms, real estate and vehicles.
We do have FFL license for selling firearms. We are one of the few FFL auction firms, if not the only one, in the Des Moines area. All firearm sales are logged with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Certain restrictions on sales of firearms may apply.
The Five Keys to a Successful Auction
There are five S's in having a successful auction. You can be assured the Jerry will be involved in all of the areas:
1. Sign-up: A Contract is written on all auctions. You will know what your responsibilities are, what cost you will have, and what the auction company is going to do and when you get paid.
2. Set-up: Presentation of items console is very important. Must be able to give the best appearance without misrepresenting, so both the buyer and the seller are content.
3. Selling: This is the actual auctioning. Jerry and Carl are both auctioneers and do it at a pace to keep the audience's attention, yet they can understand what is selling and the amount it is being sold for.
4. Settlement: This is when you get paid. A copy of tickets that show every item sold and how much it brought, along with all costs and receipts for your records.
5. Satisfaction: This comes after all is done. You have your check in hand, if all the others are handled properly, satisfaction will be there. 85% of all our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.